Funding for unpaid summer projects and internships with nonprofits

The application cycle for summer 2022 is closed. 

University funding is available to support current first-years, sophomores and juniors who will be spending their summer participating in unpaid opportunities with nonprofits dedicated to social impact, civic engagement and/or public policy work. Students must apply by May 19, 2022 to be considered for this funding. 

Application process

Applications can be submitted through Handshake beginning Friday, March 25, 2022, and will be reviewed once per week until Thursday, May 19 (or until all opportunities are filled). Students can expect to hear back around a week after submitting their applications. An application must be completed before the internship or project begins. No applications will be accepted for any internship that is already in process.

Students must receive and accept an offer to participate in a project/internship before they are eligible to apply for funding. Once an offer has been accepted, students must submit an application consisting of:

  • A description of the project/internship from the nonprofit organization
  • A copy of a letter or email from the nonprofit organization stating the start and end dates of the project/internship and the average expected hours per week
  • Responses to questions on application form


To be eligible for funding, applicants must:

  • Be a currently enrolled first-year, sophomore or junior
  • Have an unpaid internship or project with a nonprofit organization with a social impact, civic engagement and/or public policy mission
  • Be working at least 10 hours per week for at least four weeks in the role
  • Have an internship supervisor who is: not a current undergraduate student; has a minimum of two years professional experience; working full-time in this role and is not working full-time at another organization; and is available to meet with the intern regularly throughout the course of the internship

Please note: students who are on leave in spring 2022 and/or fall 2022 are not eligible for this funding

Opportunities at organizations already receiving this funding for two positions are not eligible, nor are opportunities that require a student to pay an organization for placement and/or participation. 

There may be restrictions on the types of opportunities international students are able to accept depending on their visa status. We advise all international students to consult with the Davis International Center before committing to an internship or project.

The Center for Career Development will not be reviewing or vetting internships/projects besides their eligibility for this funding. It is the responsibility of individual students to assess the internship/project’s logistics, the personnel involved, health and safety and other aspects of the opportunity. Career advisers are available to consult with students about any questions they may have regarding vetting internships and organizations.

Students who accept funding from the Center for Career Development for a summer project/internship:

  • May not accept funding from other Princeton sources for the same internship/project (and may not apply for “top off” funding from other departments/programs for the same internship/project)
  • Must withdraw all other funding applications for the same internship/project
  • Are encouraged not to accept funding for multiple projects that total more than 40 hours/per week
  • May not accept more than $6,000 total in funding for the summer from Princeton sources

Funding amount

If approved for funding, the amount of funding students receive is contingent upon the average weekly work schedule:

  • For projects/internships that average 10-19 hours per week, the award will be $250 per week
  • For projects/internships that average 20-29 hours per week, the award will be $400 per week
  • For projects/internships that average 30+ hours per week, the award will be $600 per week

The maximum funding amount for a single project/internship is $6,000. Even if an internship is 30+ hours per week for longer than 10 weeks, funding will still not exceed $6,000.

For current students, the funding will be paid in two installments. The first installment, which will be 75 percent of the total funding awarded, will be provided through SAFE in May/early June. The second installment (the final 25 percent) will be provided through SAFE after all program requirements are completed. 

Participation requirements

Students selected to receive funding must complete the following to receive funding:

  • An advising appointment and statement of commitment 
  • A learning contract signed by your supervisor by the end of your first week of your internship/project
  • Weekly written reflections for the duration of the project/internship beginning June 6, regardless of when the internship begins
  • Mid-term and final evaluation forms completed by you and your supervisor
  • A post-project reflection essay
  • Service & Social Impact Internship Showcase event in fall 2022