Caroline Rasmussen '26

March 24, 2023

About my internship

My internship with Girlstart will create a social impact in my Austin community. I will perform various roles including photographing the day campers for social media, organizing materials to be used by campers, aiding camp counselors by providing additional support during particularly difficult activities, and writing curriculum to be used by Girlstart for a variety of their STEM activities.

The impact on my career path

I am interested in becoming an entrepreneur with the goal of owning my own business related to encouraging young women to pursue careers in STEM. Another career path I am interested in is working in Computer Science for a nonprofit organization. Girlstart is the perfect organization to help me get a taste of what this type of work would be like. 

What I hope to learn

I hope to learn more about coordinating large scale events, how to create an interesting STEM curriculum for elementary and middle school aged kids, and the day-to-day operations of a nonprofit. I am also considering working for a smaller company when I graduate, and am interested in learning more about the dynamics of a small organization.