Amin Zare '26

April 10, 2023

About the internship

I will be working as a game developer for Mission Vita Nova (MVN). MVN is a serious game currently in development that is designed to teach middle school students about media literacy (ML) and digital citizenship (DC). 

The impact on my career path

It will connect me with people in my respective field of computer science / game development, and bolster my experience in this specification. It aligns with my values of helping one's community (as I am also an American citizen), and is something I would like to do in the future in my home country, Lebanon, to help in whatever ways I can with the resources that I will have post-graduation.

What I hope to learn

I hope to learn more about the process of game development from professionals, and how games can be used to help those around us, whether educationally, emotionally, etc.

How it relates to my academics/interests 

I have been interested in community development in parallel with game development for several years. In Lebanon, I created a video game on my own, and in a time of severe economic and political crises, helped my community by founding a community garden. I feel as though this internship has the rare property of combining my passions for social contribution and the development of games, and is well in line with my current major, computer science.