Yoonha Shin

Associate director, graduate student career development
Office Phone
36 University Place, Suite 200 (Above the U-Store)

Yoonha provides one-on-one advising on all aspects of career planning and development of graduate students for careers inside and outside academia. She also designs and facilitates career education and skill-building programs for graduate students and develops career resources. 

Yoonha received a Ph.D. in English from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Before joining Princeton, she taught college writing at different institutions and helped graduate students with their theses, dissertations and employment applications in the writing center.

A fun fact about me is: I have a black belt in Hapkido. I love watching kung fu movies but not actual professional fights because it’s the choreographed moves that I love.

I’m looking forward to my new position because: I love helping people in a one-on-one environment, I love working with graduate students, and I love discussing many different career pathways for graduate students. My new position is just the combination of all three.

An internship/experiential opportunity that helped shape my career path: I “accidentally” worked as an editor of employment application documents for my MA graduate school in South Korea. How it happened: I applied for a managerial position in the university’s career development center, but the director saw my resume and hired me as an editor instead. That was when I first found joy in helping others with their career development by utilizing my writing and editing skills. It also taught me that even if I didn’t get the job I’d applied for, a different opportunity might come up as a result—one just never knows.

Something I like to do the old-fashioned way: Reading a hard copy. I can read online materials fairly well after years of being forced to read online, but I always purchase a hard copy of books or print out everything I need or want to read. My house is always equipped with a reliable printer.

I could give a 40-minute presentation with absolutely no preparation on: Writing—writing anything, but especially writing college essays. I taught writing at different institutions before joining Princeton, and I can talk about writing even in my sleep.