Tai Yee Ho

Associate director, career advising
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Tai Yee provides one-on-one advising across a broad range of career interests and industry areas, covering topics including choice of concentration, career exploration, internships, experiential learning opportunities, post-graduation employment, and law and graduate school planning in both individual and group settings. She specializes in advising for arts, education, policy, politics, social service and public service, and for students who are exploring career interests.

Liaison to: The Princeton School of Public and International Affairs and the following academic departments: art and archaeology, English, history, Lewis Center for the Arts, music, Near Eastern studies, philosophy and politics.

I enjoy: Helping students align their passions and sense of purpose with concrete steps to advance in each part of their career journey.

My first job after graduation: An internship at Human Rights Watch.

I wish more students knew more about: Here’s one of my metaphors for viewing career paths: You continually adjust your lens to zoom in on the details and zoom out for the broader picture. When you gaze long enough in one direction, you might forget that you are also free to turn, to experience a whole other vista. Allow the possibility of all these vantage points.

Some small things that make my day better are: Snack attacks throughout the day (cheese is courage), Colbert clips and old Key and Peele sketches.

What’s something you like to do the old-fashioned way? Ballroom and folk dancing. If I were mayor, I’d make collectively dancing the polka, swing or Cha Cha mandatory for the able-bodied once a year (maybe on tax day?).