Shruti Venkat '23

Peer Career Adviser
Email Address:

Concentration: Economics

Certificates Statistics/Machine Learning and Finance

Why did you apply for this role?

I enjoy helping other students and wanted to bring the same positive impact to my collegiate community! I have a great feeling when others succeed and I was able to influence them in anyway and enjoyed playing the role of a mentor in high school. I look forward to helping students similarly at Princeton.

What is something about the Center for Career Development that you did not know when you first came to Princeton (or before the training)?

I did not know the amount of resources that the Center for Career Development had and I wish I had taken more time in the beginning of the year before applying to certain internships/programs to really learn about the opportunities Princeton has both on and off campus.

What are your personal go-to resources for exploring different internship/job opportunities?

LinkedIn and online searches are mostly where I get my information from - sometimes I ask my parents for help as well.

What inspires you?

Wanting to better than I was a year ago and doing the best I can, no matter what it is.

What are you involved in around campus?

Princeton Glee Club, Chamber Choir and the Corporate Finance Association.

What are some of your past internships/work experiences?

Financial intern at a law firm, secretarial intern at a pediatric care office and a tutor for students in math and science.