Shayna Merhav

Assistant director, career advising
Office Phone
36 University Place, Suite 200 (Above the U-Store)

Shayna provides advising across a broad range of career interests and industry areas, covering topics including choice of concentration, career exploration, internships, experiential learning opportunities, post-graduation employment and graduate school planning in both individual and group settings. She specializes in advising for first and second year students, arts, entertainment, communications and media, as well as students exploring career interests.

I enjoy: Animals, holidays, theater, chocolate, time with my family and friends, and true crime documentaries.

My first job after graduation: A preschool teacher! Specifically, a toddler teacher. I just loved those kiddos. I learned to live in the moment, to be patient and to lead with love.

I wish more students knew more about: The problems associated with playing the comparison game all the time. Your peers’ activities do not reflect your own success. Also, you do not need to have it all figured out! Career paths and decisions change constantly. It’s okay (and encouraged) to change your mind and go with the flow. Find something you enjoy and try it out. If it doesn’t work for you, then onto the next thing. Careers are ever-changing and usually in flux - that’s the exciting part of career development. 

I'm passionate about: Arts education and enrichment. I believe that involving the arts in education is crucial to long-term success. It’s not about creating a beautiful final product or anything, but one can learn so many positive values from just participating in artistic endeavors. There’s so much room for creativity, patience, community, empowerment, acceptance and belonging in the arts. I think those values are so important to carry on through life.

Some small things that make my day better: Lighting a candle, snuggling under a blanket, listening to my favorite podcasts and Christmas music (year round for me), drinking my Nespresso coffee, and petting a dog - or two - or three.