Serena Ren '22

Peer Career Adviser
Email Address:

Concentration: Operations Research & Financial Engineering

Certificates: (intended) SML, Applications in Computing

Key Activities: Business Today, EWB Peru, SDA, Clockwork

Internships/Work Experience: MIT, Lambent Data

Why did you apply to be a PCA?  After participating in the fall Princeternship program (and loving it!), I wanted to get actively involved with the the Center for Career Development. The program gave me so much insight on real-world industries. I attended events, such as the internship dinner and an internship information session with PWiCS and the Center for Career Development, and each and every one has been incredibly eye-opening. I wanted to be a PCA to give back to the office and to my peers at Princeton after all the help they have given me in just the first two months of coming to Princeton.