Seeta Hayban

Associate director, employer engagement
Office Phone

Seeta manages the campus recruiting program and coordinates recruitment and visibility initiatives for employers to reach Princeton students and alumni. She also oversees the online career management system for job and internship postings, and establishes recruiting policies to ensure all organizations abide by and work within nationally accepted standards for hiring practices including University, NACE and federal guidelines.

I enjoy: Reading a good book at the end of the day and binge watching TV shows on a cold, snowy day.

I’m looking forward to my new position because: It gives me the opportunity to work closely with students as I help critique their resume and cover letters, as well as educating them on job/internship timelines and offers to ensure they can connect with employers of diverse industries.

My first job after graduation: A Telephone Operator, both international & domestic with the local telephone company

I'm passionate about: My job because my previous job was based on technical skills and plant management, and working at Princeton University afforded me the opportunity to reassure students that they should explore their career interests and are encouraged to engage in various industries throughout their career journey. For example, if a student completes an internship in finance and wants to explore government or another industry the following year, they should follow where their passion leads them!

The place I grew up is special because: There are so many tropical fruits and vegetables grown in vegetable garden and backyard. Whenever I visit the country, I enjoy picking coconuts from the tree and enjoying it with lots of ice.