Micaela Ortiz

Assistant director, career advising
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Micaela provides one-on-one advising across a broad range of career interests and industry areas, covering topics including choice of concentration, career exploration, internships, experiential learning opportunities, post-graduation employment and graduate school planning in both individual and group settings. She specializes in advising for first and second year students, international students, education, policy, politics, social service and public service advising, and advising for students who are exploring career interests. 

Liaison to: African American studies, architecture, comparative literature, East Asian studies, Hellenic studies, religion, Spanish and Portuguese languages and cultures.

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

A fun fact about me: I’ve done a mud run 5K every year for the past few years. I can’t explain why; it’s become a random, fun, unintentional tradition in my life.

My first job after graduation: After graduating with a B.A. in English Secondary Education and a minor in Women & Gender Studies, I completed a year of service with the Episcopal Service Corps New York Intern Program. In this program, I lived in a community with other recent graduates from around the country in Harlem, and worked full-time as an intern at Episcopal Charities, a foundation supporting food justice and youth development programs around New York state.

This "glide year" program turned out to be perfect for me, as it allowed me to get out of my comfort zone, explore the worlds of non-profit and social impact work, and meet other people my age undergoing similar post-college transitions in life.

I wish more students knew: Career development truly is a step-by-step, nonlinear process. Everyone builds their careers over time through trial-and-error and by focusing on what is or isn’t working for them in any given job at any given point in time. Though the thought of "career development" can sound intimidating, in reality everyone, whether they’re fresh out of college or nearing retirement, is just trying to figure it out!

One skill I would like to master: Speaking Spanish fluently. And learning how to whistle.

Something I like to do the old-fashioned way: I love sending handwritten greeting cards to my family and friends for special occasions in their lives.