Kristin Jung '26

Marketing & Communications Intern

Concentration: Economics

Residential college: Whitman

Career area interests: 

  • Business
  • Communications
  • Media & entertainment
  • Social Impact

Activities, clubs, or organizations:

  • Asian-American Student Association
  • Korean-American Student Association
  • Marketing Assistant - Campus Recreation

Past internships or job experiences:

  • Organizational and Operational Analysis Intern - Hospice DreamCatchers Foundation
  • Summer Intern - Public library
  • Youth Civic Fellow - AZ AANHPI for Equity
  • Paid Intern - Stop AAPI Hate Youth Campaign
  • Lifeguard/Swim Instructor - YMCA for Southern Arizona
  • Middle-school Tutor
  • Library Page
  • Hostess - Zona 78

What's the most underrated/overlooked resource or service offered by the Center for Career Development?

One-on-one meetings with career advisers!

What made you apply to this position / what do you like most about it?

I applied to this position because I personally wanted to learn more about the different types of careers out there and widen my perspectives on what I could potentially consider as a career after college.

One thing I'm looking forward to this semester is...

Taking advantage of spontaneous opportunities and making good friends.