Isabel Liu '26

Peer Career Adviser

Concentration: Computer Science

Certificates: Applied and Computational Mathematics

Home residential college: Whitman

Career area interests: 

  • Business
  • Social Impact
  • STEM

Activities, clubs, or organizations:

  • The Daily Princetonian
  • Community House – PACE Center

Past internships or job experiences:

  • Research Intern – Liuyin Academy
  • Research Intern – HMEI (Incoming)

What's the most underrated/overlooked resource or service offered by the Center for Career Development?

Peer Career Advisers! We have drop-in hours and one-on-one appointments. As peers and trained advisers at the Career Center, we are willing to help with any questions related with career exploration and college experience. While the First Year Guide and Sophomore Guide give comprehensive and general advice on the direction of your exploration, we can assist you with more specific concerns and offer a peer perspective.

How has your idea of a career or your career interests changed in the past 10 months?

Recently, I realized the uniqueness of career exploration for undergraduates, especially for first-years and sophomores. Because we are at an exploration phase for our academic interests and preferred lifestyles, we have the time and the energy to try out diverse career options.