Gaeun Seo

Senior associate director, graduate student career development
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Gaeun oversees career development efforts for graduate students. She also provides programming and advising for graduate students on all aspects of careers both inside and outside academia. Gaeun plans workshops, panels, professional development and other recruiting events for graduate students.

For graduate students considering academic careers, Gaeun can help students: 

  • Strategize how to successfully navigate graduate school to maximize their academic experiences for future academic job applications 
  • Determine whether or not to pursue postdocs  
  • Understand the academic job application process and timeline
  • Develop strong application materials (e.g., CVs, cover letters, diversity statement, teaching statement, research statement) that maximize academic accomplishments for fellowship, awards, or academic jobs (e.g., postdocs, tenure-track assistant professors)
  • Prepare for upcoming academic job interviews (e.g., screening, campus visits) 
  • Negotiate academic job offers (e.g., negotiating spouse support)

For graduate students exploring and considering careers outside of academia, Gaeun can help students:

  • Identify various career paths that match with their interests, skills, values and personal/family situations  
  • Network effectively with alumni and employers to explore career options and during the job search
  • Understand the application process and timelines for internships/jobs outside academia 
  • Develop application materials (e.g., resumes, cover letters) that highlight relevant skills and experience to target internship/job postings 
  • Prepare for upcoming internship or job interviews and successfully negotiate job offers   

She also advises students interested in all career fields, and in particular enjoys speaking with graduate students about:

  • Figuring out what they want to do — not just what they feel pressured to do 
  • Career development for international graduate students 
  • How to maintain wellness and resilience during their career exploration and job search

Before joining Princeton, Gaeun worked at multiple higher education institutions such as Weill Cornell Medicine, Cornell University, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to empower graduate students and international students from various backgrounds to pursue personally meaningful careers via culturally responsive career interventions. 

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Liaison to: Office of the Dean of the Graduate School, Graduate College, Graduate Student Government, Graduate Women in Science and Engineering and all graduate academic departments.

I enjoy: Exploring university campuses! Like people, each university campus has its own unique personality and beauty. I started this when I was a sophomore, but now it has become my family's travel tradition.

My first job after graduation: Senior executive assistant to CEO of Hyundai Corporation in Seoul, South Korea.

An internship/experiential opportunity that helped shape my career path: During my doctoral training at the University of Illinois, I worked at the Career Center. I worked in teams to demonstrate the difference that career services make in student learning and success while helping students pursue their academic/career goals. For over four years of working there, not only did I develop skills and knowledge that are invaluable to me personally and professionally but I met some of my lifelong mentors and best friends. I loved every minute of it!

My favorite way to start my day is: Morning hugs from my husband and toddler daughter with a big cup of (sweet) coffee!

The place I grew up is special because: Haeundae (Busan, South Korea) has the most beautiful beaches in Korea. I have a lot of fun memories there.

I wish more graduate students knew the Center for Career Development offered: Career assessments (e.g., MBIT, Clifton Strengths) to identify their unique talents and strengths. This allows graduate students to better articulate who they are and what they value and discover what types of work and environments they are more likely to thrive and enjoy.