Gabriella Carter '22

Peer Career Adviser
Email Address:

Concentration: African American Studies

Certificates: Global Health and Health Policy

Why did you apply for this role?

I applied for this role to offer the same professional assistance that I received from PCAs. I know how intimidating it can be to develop your resume/cover letter and look for internships. I wanted to help quell these anxieties in an accessible and personable manner, and that's exactly what PCAs do!

What is something about the Center for Career Development that you did not know when you first came to Princeton (or before the training)?

I did not know that the Center for Career Development was so involved with other organizations on campus such as the Carl A. Fields Center and Residential College Advisers. Career development is inextricable from personal development, so I'm excited to grow by coordinating with other helpful resources here at Princeton.

What are your personal go-to resources for exploring different internship/job opportunities?

Word of mouth is my favorite resource for exploring different internship/job opportunities. Aside from that, LinkedIn and attending on-campus info sessions never fails!

What inspires you?

I'm always inspired by people who make a career out of doing what they love. It's a nice reminder that your passion can become your job.

What are you involved in around campus?

On campus, I am the president and co-founder of Our Health Matters, co-founder of the Black Talent Pipeline Initiative, Vice-President of BSU, and a member of Dorobucci Dance Group and Woke Wednesdays.

What are some of your past internships/work experiences?

In terms of past internship/work experience, I participated in the International Internship Program where I was a social consultant for Lumni, a social enterprise specializing in financing college student's education. I have also interned with Bank of America as their Director of Social Responsibility.