Gabriella Carter '22

Peer Career Adviser
Email Address:

Concentration: Medical Anthropology

Residential college: Butler

Career area interests: 

  • Arts, culture, media and/or entertainment
  • Business
  • Engineering, health, science and/or tech
  • Social Impact

Certificates: Gender & Sexuality Studies and African American Studies

Activities, clubs, or organizations:

  • Black Student Union - Vice President
  • Our Health Matters - Co Founder, Co-President
  • Black Talent Pipeline Initiative - Co Founder, Co-President
  • Dorubucci African Dance Group
  • Entrepreneurship Club

Past internships or job experiences:

  • Global Marketing Analyst - BlackRock 
  • Lumni Intern & Emzingo Fellow (IIP) 
  • Martin A. Dale '53 Summer Award Winner 
  • Desk Assistance - Mathey College
  • Digital Learning Lab Worker - Lewis Library

What's the most underrated/overlooked resource or service offered by the Center for Career Development?

Our mock interviews are so underrated! I'm about to start utilizing them myself. They help so much with preparation and feeling confident throughout the interview process.

What advice would you give to someone considering your major/industry/area of expertise?

If you are considering working in marketing, think intentionally about what relationship you want to have with storytelling. Who do you want to talk to? What voice/tone would you like to utilize? What stories would you like to tell?