Elizabeth Deravil '26

Peer Career Adviser

Concentration: Undecided

Home residential college: Rocky

Liaison residential college: Rocky

Career area interests: 

  • Social Impact

Activities, clubs, or organizations:

  • Princeton Caribbean Connection
  • Scholars Institute Fellows Program

Past internships or job experiences:

  • Intern - FoHVOS Outdoor Equity Alliance

What's the most underrated/overlooked resource or service offered by the Center for Career Development?

I still have yet to fully immerse myself into all of the resources offered by the Center for Career Development, but I would have to say that Princeton Alumni are an underused resource!

What advice would you give to someone considering your major/industry/area of expertise?

Although I am undecided, one of the best pieces of advice that I have been given is to explore! I think that outside pressures make [students] feel that we must subscribe to one specific avenue in life. However, life is more interdisciplinary and there are several possibilities. If you want to incorporate your interests of art with something totally opposite from it, you are definitely not crazy for choosing that path!

One thing I'm looking forward to this semester is...

Excelling academically and exploring my interests through clubs and courses.