Doug Ricci

Alumni career adviser

Doug is a part-time career adviser who provides individual appointments for alumni on all aspects of career planning. In addition to his generalist responsibilities, he has a specialized background in career transition and professional development and also conducts mock medical school interviews for students and alumni.

I enjoy: Hiking many of the beautiful trails in and around New Jersey. Some of my local favorites include Musconetcong Preserve; Point Mountain, Schooley’s Mountain, Hawk Mountain, French Creek and The Sourland Preserve. I I also enjoy biking when the weather permits.

My first job after graduation: As a newly minted undergrad I took an entry level job as a computer programmer, a career for which I had no education, experience or training; it wound up being a career path I wound stay with as a consultant for 18 years.

An internship/experiential opportunity that helped shape my career path: As part of my graduate program in counseling I did an internship at Rutgers University as a career counselor. This experience informed my decision to further develop a career in higher education as well as supported my career decision to open a private practice, both experiences shaped my career for the next 25 years.

I'm energized by: Helping people self-actualize and reach their potential. 

What’s something you like to do the old-fashioned way? Enjoying a well-made Old Fashioned, my favorite drink!!

The most interesting place I’ve been is: Barcelona, Spain! The architecture is so interesting and unusual and the pulse of the city is palpable!