April Yoo '24

Peer Career Adviser
Email Address: 

Concentration: Medical Anthropology

Residential college: First

Career area interests: 

  • Engineering, health, science and/or tech
  • Social Impact

Activities, clubs, or organizations:

  • Matriculate Advising Fellow
  • Scholars Institute Fellows Program (SIFP)

Past internships or job experiences:

  • Research Manager - Partners for Andean Community Health

What's the most underrated/overlooked resource or service offered by the Center for Career Development?

The Princeton Internships page on the Center for Career Development website has a list of all different types of internships offered through Princeton, especially summer internships! I found this page to be extremely helpful when looking for internships last summer, and I will continue to utilize this throughout my next 3 years at Princeton.

How has your idea of a career or your career interests changed in the past 10 months?

I initially came into Princeton thinking I was going to be a molecular biology major. However, through my IIP internship, I found that I was really interested in the medical anthropology sector! I think exposure to different types of fields is really important, especially as you start college. As a result, I am now a medical anthropology major on the pre-med track!