Andria Mirabal '08

Associate director, alumni engagement and experiential learning
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Andria cultivates relationships, networking and experiential career development opportunities between Princeton students and alumni. She oversees programming that supports student interactions with alumni—including dedicated efforts to connect first-generation and diverse students and alumni—and organizes industry-focused Meetup events. Andria also manages the Princeton in Washington summer program and explores opportunities to expand to additional cities and career areas, including an arts program in New York City.

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

A fun fact about me: I’m also a fitness instructor on campus. I teach Zumba and BodyCombat!

My favorite part of my job: Seeing how excited alumni are to meet and share their stories with students. Princeton alumni love to "give back" and they sincerely appreciate when they can help and advise current students.

I wish students knew: That they don't have to have everything figured out by graduation. It’s obviously stressful when peers are landing jobs/internships, but if it takes you a little longer, it just means you are finding something that’s the right fit. I wish students didn't put additional pressure on themselves to have things all buttoned up by the time they walk out of FitzRandolph Gate.

I’m passionate about: Personal wellness and self-care. It’s incredibly important for people to take "me time" and identify the small things that make them happy or feel energized. Putting your own well-being on the backburner is not sustainable long-term, and ultimately, if you can’t take care of yourself, you can't truly take care of others.

My favorite way to start my day is: Kitty snuggles. I have two cats that can make it quite difficult to want to get out of bed. That said, the look of contentment and just pure happiness on their faces starts my day with a smile and an appreciation for being able to take in that moment with my furry little friends.