Alejandra Iglesias

Assistant director, alumni engagement
Office Phone

Alejandra supports student-alumni engagement initiatives such as Princeternships, site visits and professional development networking opportunities. She assists in the development and maintenance of student and alumni guides and manages Career Chats, a program that pairs students with alumni for informational conversations about specific jobs or industries.
Alejandra also contributes to data collection and assessment efforts that are used to refine and expand student-alumni programs and initiatives.

I enjoy: Spending time with my mom and my puppy (baby girl) Gigi.

I’m looking forward to my new position because: I want to help other students who may feel lost in their college experience and connect them with alumni and resources that I wish I had known about when I was a student.

My first job after graduation: This role! While I am new to the “adult” world, I am so excited to learn from my colleagues and supervisors and grow in this position.

A skill I'd like to master: Cooking. I LOVE to bake, but I have a strong aversion to cooking because I have been known to under-cook eggs and poultry. I hope to master and overcome my cooking anxieties (most stem from under-cooking eggs).

I could you give a 40-minute presentation with absolutely no preparation on: The entire wizarding world of Harry Potter. I love the books and movie series and absolutely enjoy re-watching them whenever I can!