Q&A: Roshini Balasubramanian '22, market research analyst intern

July 1, 2020

Rising junior Roshini Balasubramanian is spending her summer working part-time as a market research analyst intern at Orange Vista — a boutique market research consultancy with an emphasis on healthcare and education — and also interning at Fannie Mae. Orange Vista was founded by Brigitte Anderson, a member of the Class of 2002. 

In this Q&A, Roshini talks about the projects she's working on at Orange Vista, how the experience is influencing her career interests and her other summer activities. 

What type of work you are doing at Orange Vista?

I'm only a couple weeks into the internship, but I have already learned so much about market research, data analysis and entrepreneurship. My long-term project involves data analysis/visualization and market research to evaluate the impact of COVID-19 on women's health clinics in Illinois. 

Additionally, I'm working on a project looking at the intersection of media and health, and every week Brigitte provides the interns with informative materials and events to learn from. Brigitte has crafted opportunities that fit perfectly at the intersection of my interests in data science and healthcare and is truly supporting each intern's personal growth.

I had the pleasure of meeting Brigitte Anderson '02 through an alumni event in Chicago over winter break and was very excited by her expertise in biomedical informatics and business strategy. 

How is this experience either changing or confirming your career interests?

As a rising junior in the Operations Research and Financial Engineering department on a pre-med track, I came into this internship with experience in healthcare and quantitative work. At Orange Vista, I have been able to better understand the overlap between qualitative and quantitative work, which I never saw in my technical coursework. I have also been exposed to a variety of new concepts in business development, market research and customer segmentation. Working with real data for impactful projects has given me a much clearer picture of my options after graduation.

What else are you doing this summer to build experience, explore career options or just for enjoyment?

I have a full-time internship in the Financial Engineering Division of Fannie Mae. While I know I want to work with data, I am not quite sure what industries I am interested in, so this summer allowed me to compare a couple of my choices. I have been reaching out to Princeton alumni in tech, finance and medicine to understand their career experiences, and have been working on personal data projects. Additionally, my internships are remote, so I have been spending extra time with my family at home and practicing the oboe.