Q&A: Josh Elkin '13, Co-head of Analytics at Point72

Feb. 26, 2019

Josh Jelkin
As the co-head of analytics, Josh leads the data science team within Market Intelligence at Point 72. Josh shares about his role and how his time at Princeton was an influence on where he is today. 
What are you doing now? 

I lead the data science team within Market Intelligence at Point72. My team is responsible for applying statistical techniques to large, unstructured datasets to create differentiated research for investors within the firm.
What do you like most about this position?

The two aspects that I love most about my job are the ability to make an impact and the dynamism of my research. Point72 is a nimble and fast-moving firm, where my team members can have an immediate and direct impact on our business. You can see research that you are working on being implemented the next day. Turnarounds are fast and you never feel like a cog in a massive machine. My group’s mandate is to look at data differently than others; this allows our research to span across different data mediums and different businesses. Each new type of data requires different techniques, which provides a great learning experience and allows me to continue growing and sharpening my skillset.
What advice do you have for a student exploring career options in your field?

Tap into our alumni network. When first starting out it can be difficult to figure out what roles are out there and what any given role actually does. I have always found alumni open to talking and helping you to navigate their industry. The alumni directory is way under-utilized. Shoot somebody an email; even if they don’t respond immediately, be persistent.

When you think about your Princeton experience, what was helpful in preparing you for your career?

The opportunity to explore and to learn from amazing professors across a wide variety of departments. I’ve found that being effective in my career has required skills and knowledge across multiple disciplines. Princeton gave me the flexibility and support to hone skills not only in my major but also across other areas of interest. Having this well-rounded background has helped me to excel when facing new challenges in my career.

What advice do you have for students interviewing for a job? 

Be high-energy, show passion. We talk with a lot of candidates during the day. You can differentiate yourself by demonstrating excitement and curiosity. We look for candidates that will learn and grow with us, and demonstrating that you are this type of person can be more impactful than your work/class experience.