Q&A: Jade Faugno '09, Vice President of Public Relations at Intermarket Communications

Dec. 14, 2018

Jade shares her advice for students exploring careers in public relations and related fields. 

What are a few skills you use most in your job? 

Communication, writing, critical thinking, problem solving and organization.

What advice do you have for students exploring career options?

It may take some time, but make it a point to specialize in an industry about which you are personally passionate. This may seem obvious, but it's hard to represent an industry authentically and enthusiastically if you don't care about it.

When you think about your Princeton experience, what was helpful in preparing you for your career?

Majoring in English—and taking a junior seminar focused on writing style—has set me apart from my industry peers when it comes to writing, which is a substantial part of my job. I also did publicity as part of several of my extracurriculars, like my eating club and dance group.

How did you navigate the transition from college to career?

One of the biggest aspects of this transition was moving away from academic writing and towards business writing. I navigated this by reading, absorbing and trying to emulate writing that I admired as much as possible.

What do you look for when hiring new graduates?

A trait that I look for is poise. I want to work with people who don't comport themselves as "entry-level" just because they are new to the field.