Q&A: Chris Park '18, Construction Project Manager at Nike

Jan. 23, 2019


Chris Text

Chris talks about his first role after graduation and shares his biggest piece of advice for students searching for their first position after graduation. 

Could you what you will be doing after graduation?

I will work at the Nike's World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon as a construction project manager for our expanding corporate campus. My responsibilities include overseeing the planning, design, and construction of the new Serena Williams building as well as other office buildings currently in the construction phase.

What is the biggest factor that led you to choose this career?

The most contributing factor that led me to choose this career was my passion for construction, design and real estate.

Do you have a piece of advice for students that might be struggling with choosing a career path?

The biggest piece of advice I would give for students that might be struggling with choosing a career path is to not worry about making your first job match what you studied at Princeton. Although many people in the construction field studied architecture and/or civil engineering, I was a Princeton School of Public and International Affairs major. Focus on making the most of your time at Princeton.