Meet this summer’s PIW coordinator

April 11, 2024

The Princeton in Washington (PIW) summer program provides students interning in the nation’s capital a unique opportunity to build community away from campus, connect with alumni, and learn about career paths in public service, journalism, politics, law, nonprofits and more. Since its inception nearly six decades ago, it has provided countless Princeton students the opportunity to meet high-profile alumni and make meaningful connections — both with alumni and peers — through a plethora of exclusive events, site visits and social events.  

PIW is open to all Princeton undergraduate and graduate students, as well as young alumni. There is no application process; however, all participants must RSVP to attend programs and can do so only by signing up to be on the PIW mailing list. Programs  will be offered throughout June and July. 


Meet this summer’s PIW coordinator


Pia Beaulieu '26

Pia Beaulieu '26

Concentration: School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA)
Activities, clubs, or organizations I’m part of: Princeton Women’s Soccer, Best Buddies, University Cottage Club, TeamRec
Fun fact about me: After high school, I took a gap year and I lived in Rome, Italy for a year.
In my free time I find enjoyment and fulfillment in staying active through various fitness activities such as running, yoga and outdoor activities like hiking. 


Why did you apply to be the Princeton in Washington (PIW) coordinator this summer?

Growing up, I have always been fascinated by the intricate tapestry of international affairs, public policy and history. These subjects present a compelling understanding of our global narrative, fueling my passion for understanding the world around me. Princeton University has allowed me to delve deeper into these interests through courses focused on sustainability, global health and international security. 

I applied to be PIW's student coordinator in order to share my passion with other students in the D.C. area and create pathways for understanding the importance of effective global leadership through planned speaker/social events. 

What are you looking forward to bringing to the program this summer?

This summer in Washington, I am excited to create a home away from home for Princeton students by establishing a warm and welcoming community. Through various PIW events, students and alumni will have the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations and forge lasting bonds. Students will be able to thrive professionally and personally, fostering connections beyond their primary reasons for being in D.C. I am also excited to leverage the expertise and insights of Princeton alumni to enrich current students with valuable guidance for navigating their professional and academic pursuits.

Why should students participate in PIW this summer?

PIW offers a multitude of opportunities for students who are looking to enrich their academic, professional, or personal growth in public policy, politics and beyond. By building connections with high-profile alumni in various fields and other prominent government officials, students can develop essential skills relevant to their passions while building valuable connections. PIW also offers students a safe space to connect with their peers through social events and exploring D.C. Overall, PIW provides a transformative experience alongside a great community.