Exploring careers with a social impact

Thursday, Sep 5, 2019

The Center for Career Development is here to help you discover your skills, strengths, values and interests; explore new possibilities; and pursue what excites you. 

Princeton students have a strong interest in social impact positions. Over the past few years, more than 20 percent of each graduating class was employed full-time at nonprofit organizations or in service-based roles after leaving Princeton.

Social impact involves a positive effect an organization has on a community with a goal of improving conditions and/or addressing specific challenges. Social impact careers can be found in many different fields including education, public policy, sustainability, social justice, healthcare, urban planning issues and more. These roles can be found in government, nonprofit, startup and corporate environments. 

Below are some of the opportunities you can explore this year if you are interested in learning more about social impact careers. Check back often as we update this story with new opportunities. 


Career advisers offer one-on-one sessions for undergraduate and graduate students to help them reflect on their values and strengths, pursue opportunities that match their unique interests and design personalized plans to achieve their goals. 



The Center for Career Development is organizing Princeternships during winter recess and employer site visits throughout the year to social impact organizations to give you the opportunity to get an inside look at different fields, possible careers and to meet alumni and recruiters. 

Check back throughout the year to learn about experiential opportunities.