Connecting personal interests with professional possibilities

Thursday, Nov 21, 2019

Jingjing Gao '22

Jingjing Gao '22

Time and time again, Princeton students and alumni illustrate how concentration does not dictate career. 

Jingjing Gao '22, an intended astrophysical sciences concentrator, has always loved movies. During winter recess last year, Gao saw White Snake, an animated film produced by Light Chaser Animation Studios that stuck with her.

Gao considered her interest in film just a hobby — not a professional possibility — until attending a Writing for Hollywood panel the following spring organized by the Center for Career Development and the Lewis Center for the Arts. The event featured alumni working in the film and television industries talking about their career paths and sharing advice about breaking into creative fields.

After the event, Gao was inspired to act on her interests. She submitted an application to Light Chaser for a production assistant position, which she determined would afford her the broadest exposure to the film industry. After diligently following up with the studio a few times, Gao received an interview offer during finals week. Most creative fields recruit hire close to when a position is set to begin, and this case was no different. After her interview, Gao received an offer to spend her summer in Beijing as a production assistant.

Her summer at Light Chaser confirmed her interest in film and related career paths. She's still intending to concentrate in astrophysical sciences, but is actively exploring opportunities in creative fields outside of her major coursework through electives, conversations with alumni and events hosted by the Center for Career Development and the Lewis Center for the Arts.

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