Letter of Support

Some employers may require that students receive academic credit to be eligible to participate in their internship. Princeton University does not offer academic credit for internships.

The Center for Career Development offers aPDF iconLetter of Support explaining the Princeton University policy (students will need to log in to CAS to view the letter). Some employers accept this letter of support in place of academic credit. The letter states that Princeton University supports student participation in valuable career-related experiences for which their internship could serve as a foundation, including independent research and future employment.

If you are seeking an internship for which course credit is required, we encourage you to print this letter and share it with the employer requesting it. This letter should not be modified or updated in any way.

For additional questions, please contact Charles Jennings, senior associate director, employer engagement and outreach. 

Request for Enrollment Verification

A verification of enrollment form may be required by an employer. The Office of the Registrar will verify your enrollment without charge. Your director of studies can also provide an enrollment verification.