SSII Fund: Award amount

SSII Fund: Award Amount

SSII 2023


If approved for funding, one of two awards will be offered:

A Micro-Internship Stipend: $300/week

  • Must work 12-24 hours/week
  • Must work 6-12 weeks

An Internship Stipend: $600/week

  • Must work 25-40 hours/week
  • Must work 6-12 weeks

The maximum award for a full-time commitment for summer 2024 is $6,000. Accepted students who are pursuing in-person internships from sites with high housing costs are eligible to apply for the Cost of Living Supplement of up to $1,000. 

Funding will be disbursed in two installments. The first installment, which will be 75 percent of the total funding awarded, will be provided through SAFE in May/early June. The second installment (the final 25 percent) will be provided through SAFE after program requirements are completed. 

Students who accept a SSII Fund award for a summer internship:

  • May not accept funding from other Princeton sources for the same internship (and may not apply for “top off” funding from other departments/programs for the same internship)
  • Must not be participating in a Global Seminar course the same summer
  • Must withdraw all other funding applications for the same internship
  • May not accept more than $6,000 total in funding for summer projects or internships from Princeton sources
  • Must acknowledge that they have accepted the internship offer for which they have been awarded funding. Awards are not transferable to other internship offers.


Students receiving an award must complete the following:

  • An SSII advising appointment scheduled in Handshake and statement of commitment 
  • A learning contract signed by your supervisor, due the end of your first week of your internship
  • Weekly written reflections, beginning summer 2024, and continuing through the duration of your internship
  • Mid-term and final evaluation forms, completed by you and your supervisor
  • A post-internship reflection essay
  • A poster, presented at the Service & Social Impact Internship Showcase event in fall 2024

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