How to qualify for the SSII Fund

SSII Fund: Eligibility

SSII 2023

Class year

Applicants must be currently enrolled first years, sophomores or juniors. Students on leave in spring 2024 and/or fall 2024 are not eligible for funding. 


Applicants must work at least 12 hours per week for at least six weeks in the role. Internships must be between 6-12 weeks long.

SSII internships must take place between May 20 and August 23.


Applicants must have an internship supervisor who is not a current undergraduate student; has a minimum of two years professional experience; works full-time in their role and is not working full-time at another organization; and is available to meet with the intern regularly throughout the course of the internship.


Applicants must have an unpaid internship offer with a nonprofit or government organization committed to a social impact, civic engagement and/or public policy mission. Research opportunities at Princeton University are not eligible for SSII funding. 

The following opportunities are ineligible for SSII funding: 

  • Interning at an organization through which two other students have already received SSII funding this application cycle
  • Interning at an organization that requires the student to pay for placement and/or participation 
  • Interning at an organization that intends for the applicant to continue work begun as part of a class or student group project 
  • Returning to a internship site where the applicant has already completed a Princeton-funded internship in a previous summer (unless the scope/responsibilities of this summer’s internship are substantially different) 


Both in-person and virtual opportunities are eligible. International sites are not eligible for funding unless applicants are applying to a site in their country of permanent residence (citizenship status is insufficient). Consult the current guidance and guidelines from Princeton University on international travel before applying. 

It is the responsibility of individual students to assess an internship’s logistics. We strongly recommend that students evaluate offers for health and safety, professional development and other aspects of the opportunity. Jessica Matzko is available to consult with students about any questions they may have regarding vetting internships and organizations.

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