Finding Opportunities

There are multiple ways to find job and internship opportunities.

An effective strategy entails multiple steps. Most searches require that you be actively involved throughout the process, looking for and applying to roles, and connecting with relevant people over time. You should expect to thoughtfully apply to many roles before securing the offer you accept.

Do you have questions or need help getting started?

Make an appointment with a career adviser, who can help you talk through your questions, figure out what interests you and how to start putting together a personalized plan.

Explore your interests

The first step in any job or internship search is understanding your interests - which will change over time. Reflecting on this will save you time in the long run, ensure your next steps match what you actually find interesting and are likely to secure.

Talk to alumni and other professionals

People working within an organization or field that interests you can share more information about their typical hiring timelines and about common entry-level job titles. Alumni are excited to speak with students on this topic.

In addition to alumni, think broadly about who to connect with including faculty and staff at Princeton who are familiar with your strengths and interests, and people you may have researched or interviewed for your independent work. 

Find postings

These resources feature jobs and internships you can pursue. This is not an exhaustive list, and depending on your interests you may find more relevant opportunities elsewhere. If you would like guidance on other ways to find postings, make an appointment with a career adviser.