Campus Recruiting Program

More than 100 organizations participate in internship and full-time recruiting at Princeton. Students have the opportunity to attend information sessions, employer-led career education programs and interviews for internships and full-time positions without leaving campus.

What is recruiting and the Campus Recruiting Program?

Recruiting is when an employer seeks out prospective hires for open positions with their organization. This process involves sourcing, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding of strong candidates.

The Campus Recruiting program features organizations who work with Princeton in a variety of ways from sharing opportunities to actively recruiting students at campus events and career fairs. Many organizations partner with our office to post positions and offer interviews to prospective candidates. Campus Recruiting is just one of the many options for students. The Center for Career Development also helps students pursue internships and jobs in many other ways.

Employers will host events throughout the summer and academic year.

The largest recruiting events of the year for jobs and internships are the HireTigers Career Fairs in the fall and spring.

Recruiting 101

Learn how recruiting works and resources at Princeton to help you every step along the way in our Recruiting 101 Canvas module

Who is Campus Recruiting for? 

The Campus Recruiting program is open to all currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students. 

All currently enrolled students are encouraged to attend employer information sessions and meet with company representatives at career fairs and coffee chats. These are all opportunities to learn about different industries and career paths. We encourage you to engage with employers early on in your career to help you understand recruitment timelines for different industries and to create a professional network.

Internships and jobs that are part of the Campus Recruiting Program are listed in Handshake. There are many jobs and internships in Handshake that are not part of the Campus Recruiting Program, but are still posted by organizations interested in hiring Princeton students. You can browse these open positions in Handshake, and the Center for Career Development features notable postings in Postings of the Week

How should I get started?

Make an appointment to meet with one of our career advisers. Advising sessions are casual conversations, you do not need anything prepared. Advisers can explain the recruiting process and help you start to put a personalized plan together. 

Before attending employer events and applying for jobs or internships, please read our Community Standards for Recruiting for policies and procedures. Please note that to be considered for an interview, you have to apply to its respective position through Handshake and be selected by the employer.

When do organizations recruit?

Not all organizations hire at the same time or in the same way. Review recruiting timelines to help structure your job and internship search. Typically, consulting, finance, tech, and Princeton-based internship programs tend to have the earliest timelines, but this can vary by company. 

Please note that campus recruiting and associated events are only open to current Princeton University undergraduate and graduate students. To learn more about recruiting policies and deadlines, read the Princeton Student Community Standards for Recruiting.

The Center for Career Development is committed to ensuring open and equitable access to a broad range of opportunities, across all industries and sectors, for all undergraduate and graduate students.

As a matter of policy, our office does not post opportunities that exclude any student from applying or being considered based on a protected characteristic.  If you believe that one of our postings is inconsistent with this policy, please contact [email protected].

Please be advised that the inclusion of positions and employers on Handshake do not imply endorsement by the Center for Career Development, nor is it a guarantee of accuracy of the information provided by the employer. We believe it is appropriate to leave it to the members of our community to make their own personal decisions about the paths they pursue.

Princeton University is committed to diversity, equity and inclusivity in all hiring and employment practices. All employment professionals wishing to recruit on-campus or post positions are required to work within a framework of professionally accepted recruiting, interviewing and selection techniques and guidelines. This includes the recruiting and offer policies set forth by the Center for Career Development, the Nondiscrimination Policy of Princeton University, the NACE Principles for Professional Practice and the United States Department of Labor FLSA Guidelines (as it relates to paid vs. unpaid internships).

If you have a concern about an interaction you have had with an employer, please send an email to [email protected].

The Center for Career Development will never send emails soliciting resumes to be sent to a third-party by email. If you receive a message claiming to be from the Center for Career Development that seems suspicious, please forward it to the [email protected] or contact us.