Virtual Career Fair FAQs

General Questions

What is a Virtual Career Fair?

A Virtual Career Fair is the online version of the career fair typically hosted on campus each semester. The virtual format continues to be a great way for you to meet many different employers during a short period of time.

Over the course of the day, you’ll be able to schedule 10-minute one-on-one meetings with employers, as well as sit in on 30-minute group meetings between employers and small groups of students.

What should I do now to prepare for the fair?

First - get your resume ready.

If you’d like help making sure your resume is polished and reflects you well, attend a drop-in career advising session. No appointment is needed for drop-in advising. For additional guidance, review our resume guide.  

You should also make sure your Handshake profile is complete and up-to-date. Review this Handshake article for tips on building your profile in a way that will position you well for the fair.

Resume Submission and Profile Updates

What does it mean to register for the fair?

When you register for the fair, you get access to sign up for one-on-one and group sessions with employers. 

When do I need to upload my resume to Handshake?

We recommend you not wait until the day of the fair to upload your resume, so that you don’t encounter any last-minute technical problems. If you have multiple resumes uploaded to your Handshake account, the only resume that employers will receive is the resume you mark as visible and featured on your student profile.

Employers will be able to see your profile after you sign up for sessions. Employers will be able to download resumes of students they meet with after the fair.

You can only feature one resume at a time. You may wish to name your resume "Career Fair Resume" followed by your name for easy reference.

Do I need to do anything in addition to uploading my resume and registering for the fair?

Yes! You also need to sign up for the specific one-on-one and group sessions you wish to attend. Thurs., Sept. 1 is the first day that you can register for the fair and sign up for sessions.

Employers will not be able to see your profile until after you sign up for sessions. The number of one-on-one sessions will vary by employer. Once they are all filled, you will no longer be able to sign up for one.

Some employers will be in very high demand. If you’re not able to get a one-on-one meeting with these employers, be sure to sign up for a group session with that employer.

It’s important that your Handshake profile settings are set so you can participate in both types of sessions

Why is my Handshake profile important for the fair?

Some employers will designate specific qualifications they require in order to sign up for one-on-one meetings. If your profile does not contain information in fields employers consider important, you may be not be able to sign up for a one-on-one until you adjust your profile.

Complete your profile as fully as you can, but don’t get overly concerned about small details that may not matter to employers. You can find additional tips for getting your profile ready in this article.

Do employers choose students for one-on-ones, or is it open sign up?

It’s open sign up (first-come, first-served) as long as your Handshake profile shows that you meet the requirements designated by the employer.

Will employers reach out to me if I’m registered for the fair?

Employers may reach out to you prior to the fair, but we expect that most employers will wait for you to sign up for a one-on-one or group meeting with them.

Meeting with Employers

Which employers are participating?

A wide range of employers participate in fairs. Employers will sign up and be added. You can access the current list of employer attendees in Handshake. These lists will continue to grow, so check back frequently.

What is a one-on-one session with an employer like?

You will get 10 minutes to present yourself to the employer representative. Prepare your elevator pitch in advance.

Employers will receive your resume after the fair, so feel free to highlight important key experiences in your elevator pitch, and remind them of these experiences in your follow-up communications.

Ask specific questions about the organization and the positions available based on research that you’ve done on that employer in advance. These 10 minutes are all yours - you won’t be sharing your time with other students.

What is a group session with an employer like?

Group sessions are 30-minute meeting with an employer, along with a group of other Princeton students. These will vary by employer. We expect that many employers will choose to do a short presentation for part of the 30 minutes, and will then open the floor for questions.

In groups smaller than 15, you'll see the employer/presentation and a rotating smaller view of students. You can unmute and ask questions or ask questions in the chat box. 

In groups larger than 15, you'll see the employer/presentation and a smaller view of student initials on a blank screen. Students will be automatically muted with video off to help the session run smoothly. Students can use the "raise hand" function and the employer will unmute them and allow them to ask a question. Students can also ask questions through the chat function. 

This guide provides more details about what the day of the fair will be like. 

When would I want to choose a one-on-one as opposed to a group session, if an employer offers both?

If you have specific questions, or if you want to be sure to meet and form a connection with an employer, try to get one of the one-on-one sessions. If you’re more interested in general information gathering, then a group session might be a good format for you.

If I don’t register in advance, does that mean I don’t get to talk to an employer?

By registering in advance, you’ll be able to prepare for the employers you want to meet and will get the best chance at signing up for one-on-one sessions.

If you wait until the day of the fair, it’s likely that you will have very few opportunities to meet one-on-one with employers, but you may still be able to attend some of the group sessions. You'll be able to sign up for sessions up to one minute before the start time; once the session has started, you'll be unable to sign up for the session.

Who is in charge of my schedule?

You are! You can decide when to schedule one-on-ones or group sessions. Plan your schedule strategically, so as not to interfere with classes or other commitments.

Should I schedule back-to-back conversations with employers or could that be a problem if employers happen to run late from their previous conversation?

It’s possible that some employers may run late in some of the one-on-one schedules. We encourage you to try to space out your one-on-one meetings as best you can, so that you don’t run into conflicts.

If you are expecting to meet an employer for a one-on-one, and the employer isn’t there, wait a few minutes, and contact Career Development staff through our Student Help Zoom Room. 

Unfortunately, there isn't a quick way for employers to reach out to students or vice versa during the fair. Wait as long as you can within your 10-minute window. If you don’t connect that day, the employer may reach out to you after the fair to reschedule. Try to be flexible!

What if all of the spots are filled to speak with an employer of interest to me?

Once the spots are filled, there may not be additional spots added. This is why it’s important to check back frequently in the days before the fair to see if new employers have registered or if previously registered employers have added additional slots.

If you’re not able to get a one-on-one with an employer you’re interested in, then sign up for a group session with the employer.

Will employer contact information be available after the fair?

The best way to get this information is to ask employers during sessions.

You can "Follow" employers on Handshake to get relevant information as it’s added, and you can also visit the employer’s profile page in Handshake to see if they have contact information available.

If you’re unable to get an employer’s contact information during the fair, you can contact Center for Career Development staff at [email protected] after the fair, to see if we have the information.

During the Fair

Who can I contact if I have a question?

During the fair, students can join our Student Help Zoom Room to ask questions for Career Development staff.

After the Fair

Should I follow-up with employers?

Yes! Be sure to follow-up with employers you connected with at the fair. You can ask employers for their contact information during your one-on-one meetings and group sessions, and can also message employers you met with during the fair through Handshake. 

When you do so, thank the representative for their time, and reference something you learned during your conversation, or discuss the next steps you plan to make as a result of the interaction. Our networking resources provide helpful information about how to network authentically and effectively.