How You Can Help

A Princeton education prepares students to be leaders across a wide range of fields, as evidenced in the diversity of careers entered by graduates. From helping your student develop a roster of contacts to being a sounding-board as they learn about themselves, you have an important role in their career development.

Support their vision

  • Encourage brainstorming and allow your student to present and work through varied career options, even if they are not your first choice.
  • Recommend to your student to make use of the Center for Career DevelopmentĀ and our career planning resources and programs for students interested in any field.
  • Be open; your student's career interests may not make immediate sense to you. Find productive ways to offer your perspective and to learn more about their motivations.
  • Ask good questions and let them work through the answers. Having your backing supports their ability to find a career that fits.

Foster their independence

While your student is on campus focused on studies, extracurricular activities and career development, they are attaining skills that will drive lifelong confidence and achievement. Know that you still play a role, and help them when they need it while allowing space for that exploration.

Reinforce career skills

  • Explain professional etiquette and emphasize relationship-building and personal connection.
  • If you are able to, introduce your student to contacts you know who can offer career insight and/or internship opportunities.
  • Emphasize independence, letting your student manage interviews, resumes and other career essentials so that they can refine their skills.
  • Encourage engagement in activities and internships so they are better prepared for the workforce.
  • Make yourself available as your student engages these elements of career development, and be there for advice and encouragement.