Princeternship FAQs

Below you will find some of the most commonly asked questions about the Princeternship program. If you have any questions not covered here, please email Rachel Jimenez, senior associate director of alumni engagement and experiential learning.

What is the difference between a Princeternship and an internship?

Princeternships are short-term, without pay and are hosted by alumni and employers to help you get the feel of a specific career field. Students are selected and matched by the Center for Career Development. Internships are longer term (from several weeks to a year), may involve pay and provide a work function in support of the organization. Interns are selected and hired by the hosting organization.

How will a Princeternship help me?

During a Princeternship, you will shadow the host through a typical day’s activities. Your experience might include meetings, informational discussions with various divisions, tours of the organization, general observation of business proceedings and potentially the opportunity to work on a project. This will give you the opportunity to: 

  • Explore a career field of interest, without the commitment of an internship
  • Gain first-hand knowledge of a real work environment and job etiquette
  • Uncover possible internships and options for future careers
  • Connect directly with your alum host who can serve as an excellent resource for career, job and internship advice
  • Learn about the job application process by submitting a resume and interviewing for a position
Which career fields or industries are represented?

Princeternships cover a wide range of industries and career fields. Past opportunities have included opportunities in journalism/communications, marketing/public relations, architecture, business, engineering, law, education, arts/entertainment, government/public policy, medicine and nonprofit/public service. Available opportunities vary from session to session and are based on alumni availability.

Who is eligible to apply for Princeternships?

Princeternships are open for undergraduate students. 

How do I apply?

All applications must be submitted through Handshake and there will also be a required survey to rank your preferred location. If selected, you will receive an email instructing you to sign up for an interview slot.

Do I need work experience in order to participate?

Princeternships are designed to introduce you to fields and careers that may be of interest. Therefore, you are not expected to have prior work experience. What is important is particular interest in the field and demonstrated ability to maximize this opportunity.

What are my responsibilities during a Princeternship?

If you accept a Princeternship, you will be expected to attend an orientation session, at which time you will be asked to sign a statement of commitment. In addition, you may also be asked to provide feedback to the Center for Career Development.

Am I responsible for transportation or other expenses?

You are responsible for your own costs, including transportation, housing and meals. 


Princeternship will not be offered this winter due to restrictions caused by COVID-19. Instead, the Center for Career Development is partnering with alumni to offer project work and mini-internships over winter break. Learn more and apply for a position