Graduate School

The pursuit of a graduate degree involves a significant commitment of time, money and energy, so it’s important to consider the path carefully. Discover what you should know when considering graduate programs and get advice on every step of the application process.


Students considering graduate school should make an appointment with a career adviser in Handshake. Advisers will work with you on strategies to:

  • Connect your academic and career interests
  • Research schools & programs
  • Understand application timelines
  • Prepare applications & essays
  • Seek strong letters of recommendation

Applying to Graduate School Guide

Our graduate school guide covers reflection, application timelines, admissions exams, funding, application essays, preparation tips and advice for every step of the graduate school exploration and application process.

Graduating seniors' next steps

The Continuing Education tab in the First-Destination Data Tableau shows the graduate and professional schools, degrees and programs graduating seniors pursued after Princeton. 

You can filter by class year and concentration by using the drop-down menus in the left hand column. You can filter by degree type by clicking on the pie chart.

It's important to note that this only includes students who entered graduate and professional school immediately after graduation. It is common for alumni to take a year or more after graduation to gain full-time work experience before applying.