Princeton Internship and Fellowship Program Showcase: Princeton Alumni Corps/Project 55 Fellowships (post-graduation)

Mon, Oct 26, 2020, 4:30 pm to 5:45 pm
Graduate Students
Undergraduate Students


The Princeton Internship and Fellowship Program Showcase Week features campus offices and affiliates that offer domestic and international internship and fellowship opportunities.

About Princeton Project 55 Fellowships:

The Princeton Project 55 Fellowships program connects talented Princeton graduates with some of the most effective and innovative public interest organizations around the United States. What makes a Project 55 Fellowship unique is our holistic approach to personal and professional development. Fellows engage in learning opportunities through these intentional aspects of the Fellowship program:

1. Professional placement within a nonprofit or public sector organization

2. Matched with a Project 55 Mentor

3. National Professional Development Webinars from Princeton AlumniCorps & a Mid-Year, weekend long Fellows Retreat

4. Local Community Building, Civic Engagement Seminars, Service Opportunities & Social gatherings

5. Resource Hub for personal, professional, and Justice related initiatives

6. Cross-Cohort Check Ins and Wrap Around Support