Volunteer for Princeternship

Collage of past Princeterns

Princeternship is a program in which alumni host students for job-shadowing and/or short-term projects.

Princeternships can be either virtual or in-person, ranging from one-to-five day shadowing experiences to one-to-four week projects. 

There are many benefits to serving as a Princeternship host including:

  • Giving back to your alma mater in a way that is deeply and directly impactful to students
  • Inspiring younger generations to seek out professions in your field
  • Gaining experience in mentorship, talent development and team management to add to your own professional portfolio
  • Collaborating with eager and thoughtful college students who bring new perspectives to a project or task

Through Princeternship, students engage with hosts in more in-depth ways than in informational interviews, and in more exploratory capacity than in formal internships or jobs. Princeternships give students a space to ask questions, develop professional practices and experiment with their interests and skills in environments that are focused on their growth.

Princeternship is not…

  • A paid internship program
  • A work placement program
  • A recruitment mechanism for employers

The deadline to sign up to participate is Friday, September 22, 2023. To learn more about Princeternship, email Micaela Ortiz, associate director, alumni engagement & experiential learning. 

For more information, contact:

Comparing Princeternship Types

  In-person Virtual

Can occur between January 2-12, 2024. 

Can occur any time between January 2-26, 2024.

Length: 1-5 days
Structure: Primarily a shadowing experience with a short project included, if applicable

Experience can include:

  • Tour of the workspace
  • Informational interviews with host and coworkers
  • Observing meetings
  • Discussing case studies of work

Length: 1-4 weeks
Structure: Project experience with mentorship and shadowing opportunities incorporated throughout

Experience can include:

  • Virtual “tour” of workspace (photos or video walk-through)
  • Informational interviews with host and coworkers
  • Observing meetings
  • Discussing case studies of work
  • Project completed individually or collaboratively with other staff or Princeterns
Host expectations

Hosts serve primarily as mentors to students. Hosts are expected to be physically present during the length of the Princeternship.

For in-person experiences with a mini-project, the project should be possible for a student to complete within the Princeternship time frame (1 week or less).

If students need to coordinate travel and lodging for their Princeternship, they may seek guidance from hosts. Any advice that hosts can provide to students regarding local, affordable lodging and travel options near their workspace is appreciated.

Hosts are not required or encouraged to coordinate travel and lodging plans on behalf of students, nor to have students stay in their homes.

Hosts serve primarily as mentors to students. (This is important to keep in mind with project-based experiences, as students will be seeking mentorship and guidance more than strictly supervision in this program.)

Projects should relate to the host’s work, their organization or industry and help students develop key or transferable skills. Projects should not be so intense that they exceed a full-time commitment for students.

Regular check-in meetings between hosts and students should occur to discuss not only students’ progress in the project, but also: 

  • Informational chats about the host’s career path and industry
  • Students’ progress with their own learning
  • Students’ thoughts and questions about their own future career paths