Before Your Appointment

A career transition means a transition in other parts of your life, too. Perhaps you will need to relocate. Maybe a new field will require you to go back to school. Or perhaps you plan to start all over in a new occupation, which could mean losing the salary and status that you have built up in your current career. Before your appointment, take time to think through some of the following topics. 


As you consider what career transition means to you, start by asking yourself:

  • Is it just a new job that you want?
  • Are you willing to consider a different location?
  • Do you want a greater or lesser sense of involvement?
  • Is it a goal to have more time to enjoy other interests?
  • Are you seeking better compensation?


As your work life evolves, there are likely certain types of responsibilities your will want to continue to build upon. Take time to consider these. It is also important to think about tasks, office cultures or organizational structures that you prefer to avoid. Consider:

  • What types of activities give you satisfaction?
  • What tasks do you perform especially well and have contributed to your accomplishments?
  • What experience and personal qualities do you consider strengths?
  • Will you need additional education or will you be able to transfer the skills and experience you already have into a new position?